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Be a Member and Get the Following Opportunities:

1. Exchange ideas and information with other teachers and educators on matters pertaining to various areas of education.

2. Get exposure to other experts and professionals of various levels of education practice both from national and international institutions.

3. Participate in various international and national trainings, seminars, conferences, and workshops organized and collaborated by SEAIETI.

4. Maximize potential and improve allied professional skills as writer, facilitator, trainer, presenter, or training coordinator.

5. Join SEAIETI’s pool of facilitators, and training coordinators.

Membership w/ Training Package (NEAP Accredited) - Php 1,880.00 - Php 2,880.00                                                 with Certificate of Membership and Enrolment to your choice of available NEAP- Recognized Training programs

Membership Only - Php 880.00                                                                                                                           

with Certificate of Membership                                                                                                                                                

*Annual renewal of membership is Php 880.00                                                                                                          

Renewal of Membership is with one free registration to online training and 10% discount to on-site training.   


1. Send Membership Fee to Bank: Metrobank Current Account # 522-7-52290976-5 Account Name: Southeast Asian Institute of Educational Training, Inc. or G-Cash: 09175147952 - Eduardo M. Soliman.

2. Fill out the registration form and attached proof of payment.

3. Wait for the email confirmation.


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