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Training is self-paced. You may take the courses at your own free time and work on the lectures at your own pace. Upon registration, you will be enrolled into the courses and given access to the lectures. Once the courses are completed, you will receive your certificates with Approved CPD Units and Program Accreditation Numbers.

Safeguarding Education - PTR-2020-042-2286 | 8 CPD Units

Classroom Management - PTR- PTR-2020-042-2288 | 8 CPD Units

Innovation in Education - PTR-2020-042-2289 | 8 CPD Units

Education in the Virtual Environment - PTR-2020-042-2290 | 8 CPD Units

Demofest on Educational Innovations, Technology and Classroom Management -  PTR-2020-042-2287 | 8 CPD Units

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